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The Term Special children,though related to all expceptional Children ,gifted as well as mentally physically challenged has of late, tended in common parlance, to be associated with the, in current context, special children are those with significant mental defects - defects manifesting themselves in unusually slow developemnt of physical,mental,intellectual and social facilities.

Mental Retardation can be caused by many varied, factors. some cause are pre-natal and few are Peri-natal and Post-natal .inadequate developement of the central nervous system in the embryo, and injuries to it during delivery can be a cause, as can be diseases and injury after birth, during infancy or early childhood.

available statistics indicate that in India now one birth in ten thousand is pre-natally mentally-challenged. This occurs in one case out of one hundred thousand of population. These are figures which are said o have shown increasing trend because of various causes of lifestyle, medication and drug abuse, baby-delivery practices and generally deteriorationg conditions of Social Healh. Based on their specific nature of disability Poor motor skils, inability to concentrate, delayed developent of all factors of growth and lack of cogency in speaking and so on, special children are classified as Autistic,brain damaged,Cerebral- Plasied,Down syndrome, etc. Though different in many ways, all special children share one common characteristic-their incapacity to live independentsly in society at large without special coaching.

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