First Certified Centre
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Bright Children Multi Therapy Centre

Our peculiar Feature

1.  A secific and separate classes for each children Conditions.


2.  Individualized training (i.e.) One Teacher for each child..

3.  Caring and Pleasing environment.

4.  Advises from peidatrician and Neurologist.

5.  Experienced Therapist,special educator teacher, educational professionals and Masters.

6.  The treatment and Training Program based on Children needs and dysfunction

7.  We also Focused on day-to-day life activity Brushing, dressing and toileting.

   Having enough of equipment and training aid on each class room.

8.  Providing augmentative communicate device like computer, Tablet Etc.

9.  Trainars get training periodically from experienced therapist, special educators teachers and doctors.

10. Assessing and evaluating the child's disability accordingly providing the treatment protocols.

   Goal Fixing and evaluation periodically hence the child get better out come.

11. Monitoring and supervising each classroom activities daily.

12.  First aid facility

13. Uninterrupted power supply.

14. We make the child to get change to go to school like other children.

15. Free advise and guideline.

16. All the staff's Mobile phone should be kept at office during class time.

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